Is this Falkreon's page? It is!

I'm a programmer. I'm a huge nerd. I occasionally do graphics and music. My dream career is the games industry, where all of that is suddenly useful for anything. I'm active in game dev compos sometimes, especially Ludum Dare. I write minecraft mods constantly. I have an extensive game design that I'll obviously never complete, but will still cheerfully work on.

I work for a small startup doing iOS, Android, and Java SE code. I'll update this page when we start announcing things, but for now I'll just leave it at that.



My heavily tvtropes-linked catalogue of good, bad, and ugly game design:


A delightful idle/clicker game which I finally got around to rehosting - HatClicker


I had a Groovy phase. A pretty serious one. I was looking at the commonalities of the challenges of modding Starmade and Minecraft, and figured I could generate mappings more easily if the adapter could search for things that don't change between versions or during obfuscation, such as debug string constants, registration names, serialization keys, UUIDs, and the like. It turned out that Minecraft, at least, is full of them. After not too long, the project was capable of recognizing hundreds of classes in obfuscated compiled classes, regardless of the version.

Hairpin: Deobfuscation / Mapping discovery tool

Pincraft: Hairpin adapter for Minecraft


I had a problem: JSON is great for configs. Really, really great. Much better than Yaml, which breaks like a fragile flower if you forget a space, or god forbid, insert a tab. My experience with users is that they will give you invalid input. Script parsers will always need to say "close enough", or "this is broken but the user intent is clear." JSON also has the advantage of a pretty big ecosystem of examples and knowledge sharing that can help people overcome the learning curve. So, I said to myself, I'll make my config files out of JSON.

But not so fast! JSON does not accept comments. It does not accept comments at all. Gson flat out rejects input that has them.

Enter preprocessors like HJson. Perfect! My users can format their code more flexibly, add comments to indicate quirks that I'm sure I won't fully clarify on my own, and generally feel like they can *use* the file instead of avoiding it because it'll break if they touch it. Only there's a problem there too: If I add a key and resave the file, it clobbers everything. Not clobbering comments would almost require a completely new parser with extra fields and logic dedicated to attributing and preserving comments.

Well some crazy-person actually went and wrote a parser like that, and that person is me. Enjoy.

Jankson on GitHub


From "most plausibly connected" to "least plausibly connected",

Elytra is a minecraft-centric collection of people who develop fantastic mods, modpacks, texture packs, and tools for server admins and modpack developers. Very friendly people.

Center of the Multiverse is a modpack we develop as part of Elytra but also a flagship server. The pack features some mods that are hard to find in other packs, like the upcoming Correlated 2, and my own Magic Arsenal. We also have a discord.

The guild Phoenix in World of Warcraft, as Murdercow. Currently dormant, might pop back in for Battle for Azeroth, but my WoW days have mostly passed.

Server space graciously provided by unascribed